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Currently the United States is challenged with the worst bed bug outbreak in fifty years, and experts expect it to get worse. Bed bugs are elusive creatures that, like wood ticks, feed on the blood of humans, as wells as on other warm-blooded animals. The bed bugs hide behind baseboards and in any crack, crevice, void and crease in mattresses, box springs, bedding and soft furniture. They are not exclusive to residences. Bed bugs can sometimes be found in hotels, hospitals, movie theaters, schools, public transportation, laundries, offices, and retail stores. Because bed bugs are small, generally nocturnal, and mysterious by nature, they bite people while they sleep and often go undetected.

This site is designed to give you accurate information on bed bugs, steps you can take to minimize the introduction of bed bugs into your home, and treatment options if you do experience a bed bug infestation.